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Tropic Reels Fruit Machine Review

The popularity of the tropic reels fruits machine is increasing every week. Tropic reel fruit machine consists of five rows with multi spin facility.

While playing the game you could hold either 1 or 2 reels along with the spin of the other slots for five instances at once. Tropic reels fruit machine online has 23 possible combination of striking the jackpot and the regular jackpot is of 2500 coins. You can earn more you bingo 3 wild tiger in a same slot. Tropic reels fruit machine online is a 3 reel, one play line with multiple bonus features. Till you strike any one of the 23 combinations, symbols will not get drawn. The hold and nudge feature are the most exciting features to clutch players concentration. You will only win when you strike any of the best 23 combinations on the fruit machine.

The Features of Tropic reel fruit machine - you can enjoy the game with maximum five coins for five spins. The value of coins ranges from a cent up to five dollars and a jackpot of 2500 coins. The game allows its player to make serious money and promises complete fun. If you miss the jackpot then also you can earn some bonus of 200 coins by using hold and nudge feature and that provides the chance to increase your initial investment. The only missing feature is you cannot gamble here. The free practice session is available to increase your chance of winning on the real stages. While playing on the fruit machine if you malpractice automatically all your plays and pays will be stopped. You can play on this fruit machine from the comfort of your home for free.

How to play Tropic reel fruit machine? When you start your game click on the increase and decrease signs to increase or decrease the size of the coin you want to bet. This fruit machine allows the players to select the number of coins they want to bet. The slot machine has two bet buttons- bet one and bet max. When you click on bet one button your size of the coin will increase one by one. And when you press bet max button you can bet with maximum number of coins and spin the reels instantly. Once you spin the wheels you need to get any of the winning combinations to strike jackpot. When you win the game you will be paid as per the pay schedule. And if you do not strike the winning combination your game ends and you can again roll the coins to start a new fruit game.

Graphics and sound effects on the playtech fruit machine are outstanding. The Pub Fruity fruit machine is one of the largest English-pub style fruit machine which offers real micro gaming experience to all its players. The fruit machine is single play line game based on the tropical theme and this portrayed with the symbols such as exotic fruits, flowers, frogs and parrot. With the help of game option feature player online can customize different game settings. Player can change the sound, speed and auto play feature on this tropic reel fruit machine.

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