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Signing up for an online fruit machine, downloading the software and depositing money.

Signing up for an Online Fruit Machine

The popularity of online gambling has been soaring for many years now and in so doing the number of sites offering online casino and online fruit machine gambling options are on the rise too. Each site that you visit will try to lure you by offering hundred of game varieties on their online fruit machine!

Before you venture out on online gambling, there are few essential steps you need to take. Also it is advisable to be cautious while registering yourself with any of the online casinos or downloading software for an online fruit machine as there are lot of fraudulent websites floating around, ready to steal your hard earned money!

You may proceed with online fruit machine gambling by taking the following steps, one at a time:

Downloading the Software

Online casinos generally require you to download online fruit machine software and install it on to you PC. This may require around 10 - 20 MB of hard disk space. Most online casinos offer free download of such software and sometimes they even mail you a free installation CD.

Most varieties of online fruit machine software are compatible only with Microsoft Windows. Typically, they will require minimum Windows 98 to run on smoothly. In case you use WebTV or MSNTV, do bear in mind that the capacity of set-top boxes is usually limited and they are unable to handle software-downloads. Few older versions may not be Java-compatible.

It is imperative that you acquire software from an established casino (see the left menu) so as to avoid downloading virus infected software or even rigged programs. Ascertain that you have anti-virus and firewall running on your PC at all times, especially with the download in progress.

Depositing Money

The procedure of depositing money usually involves gamblers uploading funds to the online casino or gambling company prior to the start of their online fruit machine or poker game. This lends the player a stack of cash to withdraw from while also allowing him to wager unreservedly. This way he will not have to stop too often to refill his account.

Though this arrangement is the convenient for both parties involved, there are a few things you need to be aware of before transferring any cash to the online casino:

(i) Though credit cards are the preferred mode of payment for most transaction over the internet, the same does not apply to online casinos.

(ii) Even if a casino is willing to accept credit card payments, such transactions may be negated by your bank. Thus you may want to check with your bank before attempting to make such a payment.

(iii) There have been instances when an individual has uploaded money into their online fruit machine account using a credit card, played a game and lost money. Later such individuals have called the credit card company and claimed that such a transaction was unauthorised or that their credit card been stolen.

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