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Fruit Machine Game Online

A guide to playing a fruit machine game online. Types of online casinos and online slot machines.

Types of Online Casinos and Online Slot Machines

With the craze for online gambling continuing to explode, more and more fruit machine game and poker players are signing up for accounts on online casinos. Not unlike their physically existing counterparts, online gamblers spend close to sixty five percent of their money playing an internet fruit machine game.

Playing an online fruit machine game can be extremely engaging and yet for starters it is essential to understand the basics of indulging in online gambling. Below is a guide to the most rudimentary requirements for playing online fruit machine game!


The very first consideration for an online fruit machine game player should ideally be the software required to be installed depending on the online casino that he is keen on playing in. The progress and development in this direction has been extensive and options are available for every thinkable kind of PC user who might want to indulge in online-gambling, including someone who may be using MSNTV or WebTV!

In general there are only two basic requirements: a competent operating system and an internet browser. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are good to run fruit machine game software. Also, most online casinos are AOL-friendly; one should attempt using v 3.0, or higher, for most favourable compatibility.

It is important to decide what kind of software is compatible for your computer for it makes for a pleasant online fruit machine game experience.

Using Dial-Up or Older Computers

The speed required to download an online casino software will be large and with a dial-up connection (56k modem), downloading the software client will consume a lot of time. In such a case, a better option is to look up a no-download or flash casino to play at. Another option is to find a java-based casino which allows you to play from the browser window.

Most virtual casinos these days have the option of a no-download version of slot games. One needs to locate the button which is labelled Instant Play or Flash Casino.

However, in spite of that if you wish to download the software, run the download while you're working on something else so that when you return, your online game is ready to go!

High Speed Connections

The downloaded versions of fruit machine game types offer a much richer experience, as compared to a flash or Java-based version, with better graphics and sound quality. Thus if you do have cable broadband, it is recommended that you download the software.

Types of Casino Slot Software

Gambling is risky - whether real or virtual - so when you are indulging in an online gambling, it is advisable to be extra cautious. You must select a casino which is reputable and who use software procured from known entities. This will ensure that that the software being used is not rigged and also you have minimal trouble getting your winnings.

Types of casino slot software include Microgaming software, Playtech software, RTG (Real Time Gaming) and OddOn amongst others.

Most reputed casinos offering fruit machine game and poker options will also provide you with a customer care number to call on in case you have any issue at all. If the casino is leasing you fruit machine game software, they will provide you with additional contact details of the software manufacturer or seller.

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