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Fruit Machine Gambling

Fruit Machine Gambling, different names - same game. A Fruit Machine is called a slot machine in America and a poker machine in Australian.

A fruit machine is essentially a gambling machine that has three (or sometimes more) number of reels that spin/rotate when a lever is pulled or a button pushed. The fruit machine is known to be amongst the most popular casino gambling games.

A fruit machine or slot is also referred to as a 'one-armed bandit'. This is because in earlier years they were operated using a lever (or 'one-arm') placed on one side of the machine, and because of their capability of leaving a gambler cleaned out.

Virtual Fruit Machine Gambling

The popularity of slot machines was such that it couldn't be kept away for long from the world of virtual gambling. The concept of a fruit machine was soon replicated and gamblers could indulge in slot machine games even while his local pub or casino was closed for business!

It is believed that fruit machine games are responsible for contributing up to seventy percent of a casino's average business. It is no surprise thus that even in the world of virtual gambling, fruit machine games rule!

Fruit Machine Terminology

Where a player wants to indulge in fruit machine gambling at a real casino or a virtual one, there are certain basic terms that he must know before getting on to a game. Below is a list of basic terminology.

Bonus: Bonus, as the term suggest, is a unique feature of a given game theme, which gets activated when particular symbols appear in a winning-order. Bonuses differ based on a game. Some bonus rounds may be offered as a special session of free-spins while others could present the player with numerous items on a screen from which he may select an option. When the player selects items numerous credits may be revealed and awarded.

Candle: A Candle is a light placed on top of the slot machine (real) which flashes to indicate the player that change is required or hand pay is requested or that there is a potential problem with the slot machine. In case of virtual fruit machine too a Candle is replicated so as to offer the player the most realistic experience.

Coin hopper: This is the container, real or virtual, wherein the coins that are available for immediate payouts are held.

Credit meter: The visual that displays the amount of credit available on the machine is called the credit meter

Drop bucket: This is also known as the drop box and is the container placed at the base of a slot machine where excess coins are diverted from the hopper.

Hand pay: This amount refers to a payout made by a slot attendant instead of the slot machine itself.

Optimal play: When a gambler uses optimal strategy in a skill-based slot game, the game is referred to as optimal play.

Payline: The payline is a crooked or straight line that crosses across one symbol on each reel of a fruit machine, along which a winning order is evaluated.

Short pay: The part payment made by a fruit machine to a player is called a short pay and this is less than the total amount due.

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